Fish that suck on sharks

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Common remora

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The remoras /ˈrɛmərəz/, sometimes called suckerfish, are a family (Echeneidae) of ray-finned The sucking disc begins to show when the young fish are about 1 cm ( in) long. They are commonly found attached to sharks, manta rays, whales, turtles, and dugongs (hence the common names "sharksucker" and.

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The common remora (Remora remora) is a pelagic marine fish belonging to family Echeneidae. The dorsal fin, which has 22 to 26 soft rays, acts as a suction cup, creating a vacuum to allow it to attach to larger marine animals, such as whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles.

Other common names for this familiar fish include suck fish, stout sucking fish.

Fish that suck on sharks
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Description:Characteristics[ edit ] Remora front dorsal fins have evolved to enable them to adhere by suction to smooth surfaces and they spend their lives clinging to a host animal such as a whale , turtle , shark or ray. It is probably a mutualistic arrangement as the remora can move around on the host, removing ectoparasites and loose flakes of skin, while benefiting from the protection provided by the host, and the constant flow of water across its gills. Remoras are tropical open-ocean dwellers, but are occasionally found in temperate or coastal waters if they have attached to large fish that have wandered into these areas. In the mid- Atlantic , spawning usually takes place in June and July; in the Mediterranean , it occurs in August and September.

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