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Alexandru Popescu


Retired diplomat, The Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, E-mail:



Abstract: The scientific interest for the study of the Romanian-Finnish relations considerably increased during the last years. Within this trend, this article focuses on the Romanian-Finnish cultural relations and  briefly presents the most important events and moments in the history of these relations, from the 19th century to the present. It also includes a selective bibliography on the Romanian-Finnish cultural relations, with works published both in Finland and Romania. The article stresses the  need for further research in the field of Romanian-Finnish cultural relations, noticing that when the quality of the political relations was negatively affected by different historical circumstances, the cultural contacts have been maintained and even developed.                   


Rezumat: Interesul stiintific pentru studirea relatiilor romāno-finlandeze, si mai ales a relatiilor culturale romāno-finladeze, a crescut īn ultimii ani. Acest studiu, īn prima sa parte, trece pe scurt īn revista principalele momente si evenimente din istoria acestor relatii culturale, īncepānd din secolul al XIX-lea si pāna īn prezent. Īn cea de-a doua parte prezinta o bibligrafie selectiva a lucrarilor dedicate acestor realtii si aparute atāt īn Romānia, cāt si īn Finlanda. Daca īn domeniul relatiilor politice contactele dintre cele doua tari si natiuni nu au fost īntotdeauna usor de mentinut la nivele īnalte, īn domeniul cultural, interesul reciproc  a existat īn permanenta.     


Keywords: Finland, Romania, cultural relations, biliography


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Seventh annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania. Good governance in Romania and the Nordic and Baltic countries

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History of the Romanian Academy, Romania
November 24-25, 2016

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